In the heart of the North Eastern Nigeria, SELL Foundation has been a beacon of hope for local communities, working tirelessly to promote peace, human rights and enhance livelihood opportunities and elevate household incomes. One of the project’s most inspiring success stories comes from a beneficiary who seized the opportunity to transform his life through animal rearing. This journey exemplifies the profound impact of education, dedication, and forward-thinking in the face of economic challenges.

The Gift of Opportunity and Growing Investment

My name is Victor David Kamai, a beneficiary of SELL livelihood improvement project, and an investor in livestock production.

It all began with a simple yet powerful gesture – the provision of two goats, a male, and a female, through the SELL Foundation’s livelihood empowerment initiative. This seemingly modest gift was, in fact, the seed that would grow into a thriving source of income,and change the trajectory of my family’s future.

As the months passed, the goats proved to be more than mere livestock; they became an investment in the promise of a better life for me and my family. Within just seven months, the value of these goats had increased by an astonishing 70%. This remarkable growth was a testament to the prospects of my new found business.

Nature’s bounty graced this venture as the female goat brought forth two adorable kids. This joyful occasion marked not only an increase in the size of my herd but also a significant turning point in myfamily’s journey. It was a tangible symbol of prosperity, a sign that SELL foundation’s gesture was paying off.

Armed with the knowledge and skills gained from SELL Foundation’s training program, I now envision a future teeming with possibilities. My newfound expertise have enabled me to set ambitious goals. With careful planning, I am projecting that my livestock could multiply to between 10-15 animals within just two years.  In this part of the world, goat farming is refereed as the poor man’s bank because of the ease with which they reproduce within a short period of time.

Diversification and Forward Thinking

The success of the goat rearing endeavor sparked a desire for further diversification. The beneficiary realized that relying solely on one income stream could be risky, especially in unpredictable economic climates. With a forward-thinking mindset, he is exploring the prospect of cattle fattening. This decision will not only expand his business but also mitigate potential financial vulnerabilities.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this success story is the commitment to passing on wisdom to the next generation. The beneficiary recognized the value of preserving traditional knowledge and skills. Thus, he plans to teach his children the art of rearing. This decision was a testament to his dedication not only to his family’s financial security but also to the cultural heritage of the community.

A Lasting Impact

The impact of this journey extends beyond the individual beneficiary. It radiates outward, touching the entire community. The success story is an inspiration for others to take proactive steps in improving their livelihoods. It showcases the power of education and empowerment in the face of economic challenges, proving that with the right knowledge and determination, individuals could shape their own destinies.

SELL Foundation’s initiative in Nigeria serves as a shining example of how grassroots efforts can bring about profound change. The story of this beneficiary, who turned two goats into a thriving livestock venture, is a demonstration of the power of education, dedication, and forward-thinking in elevating livelihoods. It illustrates how a single opportunity, when nurtured with care and guided by knowledge, can lead to economic empowerment, cultural preservation, and a brighter future for local communities.

Written By Charles Polok

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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