Godswill J. Gonjing

SELL Volunteer

The impactful training i received from SELL has motivated me to take proactive steps in our community. I’ve initiated weekly seminars in Pankshin, centering around vital topics such as Child Safeguarding, Conflict Transformation, and the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Through these efforts, we’ve successfully raised awareness, creating a broad understanding of these critical issues within our community.

Rita Sukop

SELL Volunteer

The eye-opening experience with the SELL foundation spurred me into action to address children’s rights violations in our community. By creating awareness among the children, we empowered them to recognize and speak out against abuse. A significant outcome was a brave girl-child who raised an alarm about molestation, ultimately saving herself and contributing to the exposure of the perpetrator. This underscores the tangible impact that awareness and education can have in safeguarding the rights of our community’s children.

Chuwang Markus

Sell Volunteer

As a youth leader in Kangang, the training from SELL has been a transformative force, empowering me to take a proactive stance against communal and religious violence in our community. I’ve personally organized a unity football match, with the aim of fostering harmony and building a bridge of peace among our youth. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the SELL foundation for equipping me with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute to a more peaceful and united community.

Yakubu Mohammed Lawal

Muslim Council.

As a professional horticulturist deeply committed to community welfare, I founded the Volunteer Network of Concerned Youths to address the issue of criminality. Donating 70 seedlings and actively cultivating seeds for distribution and planting in public spaces across Taraba, I’ve witnessed over 20 young individuals turn these opportunities into economic gains. This initiative reflects the transformative power of community engagement, and I’m grateful for the chance to contribute to both the aesthetic and economic well-being of our community through these meaningful endeavors.

Maryam Adamu Lanko

Muslim Council

Empowered by the SELL training from the Muslim Council, we, as advocates for peace, initiated awareness campaigns in schools. The outcome has been remarkable, with the establishment of Guidance and Counseling clubs in several educational institutions. This underscores the positive impact of fostering awareness and creating platforms for support and guidance within our school communities.

Amina Auwal

Yola, Adamawa State

SELL has played a pivotal role in equipping me to address crucial issues concerning children and gender. Harnessing this knowledge, I’ve actively engaged in impactful awareness campaigns to advocate for proper checks and regulations within faith-based schooling. Furthermore, with the support of the community, we mobilized resources to provide free sanitary pads, ensuring female students have access to essential hygiene products. These endeavors reflect the transformative potential of education and community action in addressing vital societal issues.