Improving farm yields through Sustainable agriculture: Madam Helen Tobi’s farm experience

When Helen participated in the SELL Foundation project, she was eager to learn and improve her farming techniques. Part of the training’s primary focus was on imparting knowledge about enhancing farm yields through the use of natural manures, specifically animal dung. With unwavering determination, Helen embraced this knowledge and set out to cultivate her plots of land in line with the newfound wisdom. Mrs Helen with the team in her farm

One of the first steps she took was to implement the teachings regarding the use of natural manures. Armed with this information, Helen began incorporating animal dung into her farming practices. She meticulously spread these natural fertilizers across her fields, recognizing that they would not only enhance soil fertility but also reduce chemical fertilizers that could harm the environment.

As the weeks passed, Helen’s crops began to show distinct signs of vitality and resilience. They stood tall and robust, their leaves shimmering a vibrant green under the sun. It didn’t take long for others in her community to notice the difference. Her farm had become a living testament to the effectiveness of natural manures.

Neighbors and fellow farmers marveled at how her crops looked vastly different from others in the area.

Mrs Helen Tobi leading the team through her farmWith each passing day, Helen’s hope for a bumper harvest grew stronger. She knew that the fruits of her labor would not only improve her family’s livelihood but also contribute to food security in her community. Her success is a source of inspiration for others, motivating them to adopt sustainable farming practices as well return to organic farming.

In the midst of her flourishing farm, Helen never forgot to express her gratitude to SELL Foundation, and to Misean Cara, the major funders of the project. She recognized that the knowledge and training she had received were the cornerstones of her success. With heartfelt appreciation, she acknowledged the organization’s role in her journey towards prosperity.

As the harvesting season approaches, Helen eagerly awaits the results of her hard work.

In the end, Helen Tobi’s journey from a participant in the SELL Foundation project to a thriving farmer exemplified the project’s mission. Her dedication to sustainable farming practices will not only improve her livelihood but also play a pivotal role in the development of her community. Helen’s story is becoming a symbol of hope and a testament to the power of knowledge, determination, and eco-friendly farming practices in transforming lives and landscapes.

Written by Charles Polok

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

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