Monitoring Visit Update: Impactful Insights from Jos and Pankshin

Monitoring Visit Update: Impactful Insights from Jos and Pankshin

We are thrilled to share that our SELL team recently conducted a monitoring visit to selected project communities and organizations in Jos and Pankshin. This visit was part of our ongoing efforts to follow up on the project’s impact, identify grey areas, and discuss challenges faced by the benefiting communities.

During our visit, we had the opportunity to engage with community members and organizations, gaining valuable insights into the progress and impact of our initiatives. These interactions are crucial as they help us understand the real-world implications of our work and identify areas for improvement.

We are committed to transparency and collaboration and look forward to sharing a detailed report of our visit with our esteemed stakeholders soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Monitoring Visit by SELL Team to Taraba and Adamawa States

We are pleased to share that the SELL (Sharing Education and Learning for Life) team recently concluded a successful monitoring visit to Taraba and Adamawa states. This visit was aimed at gaining a first-hand understanding of the impact of the SELL project in these communities and identifying areas for further growth and improvement.

During the visit, Mr. Raphael Okusaga, the designated Child Safeguarding Liaison for St. Patrick’s Missionary Society, West Africa region, joined the team in Yola. His focus was on a child safeguarding monitoring engagement to ensure the safety and well-being of children involved in the project.

The outcomes of the visit were overwhelmingly positive. The team witnessed significant gains and positive changes brought about by the SELL project in the Northeast. Beneficiaries shared heartfelt testimonies of how the project has improved their lives, which was a clear indicator of its success.

Mr. Raphael Okusaga expressed his satisfaction with the project’s impacts, stating that the progress and stories shared by the beneficiaries were truly encouraging.

We look forward to continuing our efforts to enhance and expand the reach of the SELL project, ensuring that even more communities can benefit from its positive influence. Thank you to all our supporters and partners who make this possible.

Written by Charles Polok

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

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