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The SELL Foundation has adopted 17th March of every year as her day. In this regard, a Sensitization workshop On “The Effects of Drug Abuse among Young People in Bauchi State” Held in Guru to Mark the SELL Day of 2017.Guru community was chosen because the community has greater number of youths who abuse drugs and other substances. The community is also close to the office; it’s about 20 minutes drive from the office.  Below are highlights of the programme:

The exercise started at about 4.00pm on Friday 17th March, 2017 at Sarkin (Emir) Guru’s palace with the intention to promote peace through combating drugs and substance abuse among youth in Bauchi state. The sensitization started with a role play depicting two groups: one of the groups were into vices and never bordered going to school, while the other group took their education seriously and were focused. At the end, the bad group ended in tragedy and the good group ended up becoming better people in the society. The sensitization was anchored by Members of SELL Resource Team in conjunction with Bauchi Team of SELL Volunteers while John Jiddere interpreted in Hausa. It triggered a lot of discussion such as what needs to be done to mitigate Abusing drugs  in that Community: The Sarkin (Emir) of Guru seized the opportunity to address the participants and pleaded with the Youths to Stop Abusing drug because of its negative effects economically, Socially and otherwise such as Crime, Broken homes, destroyed career, unproductive career. In the end, The Youths committed to action plans in order to reduce the cases of Drug Abuse as thus: Security Agents should arrest anybody caught in the act in Guru Community, They have agreed to set a Committee to visit the emir of Bauchi and Commissioner of Police so as to lobby for Law enforcement agency to be set up in their Community and also challenged their parents not to be in support of any Child caught in the act.  The Community has no Police station as such if one is set up it will correct most of the deviant behavior in that Community. The event had in attendance 105 persons including old and young (80 males; 25 females) and attracted three media companies: Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), African Independent Television (AIT) and Bauchi Television (BATV). The programme was quite engaging and it was first of its kind in the history of SELL. The participants requested that such programme should be organized in their Community frequently. Consequently, various activities were done in all the Six states in the North –Earth and Plateau States of Nigeria to mark SELL Day celebrations. Shendam Community, Plateau State, celebrated the SELL Day with Catechetical Training Institute with the theme “Exploring healing from bitter experiences through Openness and Trust. In Jalingo, Taraba State, the SELL Volunteers seized the opportunity to sensitize Parents during Church Service on Guidance and ways for effective Parenting.

Similarly, on the next day 18th March, 2017 a workshop was facilitated by SELL Resource Team on 5 core keys of Leadership for all the Youth Leaders of Yelwa Deanery, at The Youth Formation Centre, Bauchi State. It featured

  • Key 1-create genuine group equality
  • key2- build a community of trust
  • key3- foster listening and clear communication
  • key4- encourage participation through shared leadership and decision making
  • key5- attend to the task and relationship needs

It lasted for six hours from 9.00pm to 4.00pm and had 26 persons in attendance including 19 males and 7 females. The workshop was amazing and really fascinating as confirmed by the participants which were captured in their evaluation forms and how they participated during the workshop.

When asked how the knowledge gained from the workshop can help solve organizational problems, these are some of the answers:

  • Jacqueline John said the workshop has exposed her to a more civilized way to handle various organizational problems
  • Christopher Ephraim said he has just learnt that leadership be shifted from the “I” syndrome to team building and team work and sacrifice
  • Hosea Ishaya said he has learnt to carry everybody along so that every decision reached will based on the people’s choice and voices

The workshop was a worthwhile experience as ascertained by both participants and Team of facilitators present.  To crown it all, a thanksgiving mass was organized by SELL Foundation and that took place at St. Joseph the worker Yelwa, Bauchi on the 19th March, 2017.

We appreciate you all who saw to the success of all our activities in the time past and solicit for more of your support as we plan for more programmes to come

Thanks for staying with us on this page

By Mary James,

Admin Officer for SELL Team.

SELL Team in a role play during Awareness on drug Abuse at Emir's Palace, Guru , Bauchi State. 17.03.2017 SELLITES at Awareness Campaign at Emir's Palace, March, 2017. Sarkin Guru with media People during SELL Awareness Campaign at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017. Sarkin Guru in white attire at the awareness Campaign on drug Abuse at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017. participants at SELL Awareness Campaign on drug Abuse at Emir's Palace Guru, March,2017 Participants at SELL Awareness Campaign on Drug Abuse at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017. Observers During SELL Awareness Campaign on Drug Abuse at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017. NTA Jounerlist in an interview with Sarkin Guru during SELL Awareness Campaign at Guru, March,2017. John OF SELL Resource Team in a Role Play During Awareness Campaign at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017. Cross Section of Participants During Awareness Campaign on Drug Abuse at Emir's Palace Guru, March,2017. Bauchi SELL Volunteers and Resource Team in A group photo with Sarkin Guru at Emir's Palace Guru, March, 2017.

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