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The year 2017 Annual General Reflection of Sharing Education and Learning for Life Foundation has come and gone living us with a lot of course for Celebration and learning.  Every year’s April is an opportunity for the Organization to meet with her stakeholders and volunteers in order to re-strategize and plan for the journey ahead. The forum is called Annual General Reflection (AGR). This AGR is the 6th in series; it aimed at assessing the impact of SELL Programme on Youth Development in North East Nigeria and Plateau. The AGR took place on the 19th to 23rd April, 2017 at Kathryn Garden, Pankshin, and Plateau State. The 4 day programme featured different activities which ranged from Appraisal of works done in various Communities, sharing of success stories, goodwill messages, input on Cycle of reconciliation as well as input on ‘SELL On social Media’.

DAY 1 and DAY 2

The first day was arrival and accreditation of delegates, preliminary sessions and sharing of key information while the second day was focused on inputs and business meeting. A lot of learning’s emerged from the different presentations such as the need to go through the circle of reconciliation when a relationship is broken and these states are: Injury, withdrawal, internalizing of needs, and risk restoration so as to have a healthy relationship in the future. In the business meeting, SELLITES were encouraged to be more committed and pay more attention to the impact of SELL as it affects people in their different communities.  SELL has come a long way as an organization and there is a need to harvest some of these impact stories to ascertain the quality of work done so far. Some of the delegates at the AGR have these to Say on Impact of SELL on their personal Life and I quote:

SELL has increased my Leadership Skills, my Personal conduct among the people has been cordial with my skills and general knowledge about life broadened and facilitation of SELL workshop have earned respect and prestige for me in my Community” This as ascertained by Dagan Mathias from Shendam Community.

According to Ezekiel Bulus from Yola Community Adamawa State” SELL has impacted in me different ways that words cannot express and I am proud to be known as SELLITE.  It has made me to know whom am I, where I am and where I am going to in the Journey of Life. I have also learned how to maintain my business to earn a living”

Nentawe Godit from Pankshin Community in Plateau State: “I have come to admire agriculture as well as doing it. SELL has thought me Facilitation and Listening skills which are rarely thought in schools. As a result of Knowledge of SELL Programme, I was able to mobilize some of my colleagues at work place to seek for justice on un-consented deduction of #500 tagged developments Levy.”

“For me, SELL has helped to expose me in terms of communications in Public and also to think critically before arriving at final decision on issues of Life and also in the situations of Anger and Conflict Management” said Lucy Emmanuel from Bauchi Community, Bauchi State.

According to James Amajama from Jos Community “my creative mind opened and my organizational ability improved as a result of my encounter with SELL Programme.”

Ovey from Jos Community has this to say “I am an individual who has battled with confidence issues but today I don’t just put up a confidence front but am a person whose confidence has been re-discovered since my encounter with Self Awareness Unit of SELL. Environment and situation has made me a critique but I have regained my empathy and feelings for people. SELL has made me more open minded.

From the stories shared above, one can say that SELL has impacted people positively in different ways and this is a wakeup call for us all to keep the vision of SELL Programme in progress so as to bring about the positive change we all strive for.   In the course of the business meeting, The AGR was also blessed with the presence of Frs. Denis Kaye (National Chaplain of CYON Nigeria) and Zachariah Goyit (CYON Chaplain of Pankshin Diocese).  In their speeches, the duo thanked the Director and Resource Team Members for ensuing the Youth become good and responsible in the community through life transforming programmes. The priests encouraged all at the AGR to be serious with SELLL activities and also hope and pray for the best in the future.


The highlight of the day 3 was outing for Advocacy and sightseeing, the day began with a visit to the Maaji and Ngolong Vel of Pankshin to register our presence. The son of the Maji who represented the father was excited about our coming and also encouraged SELL to keep up the good work while he also promised to invite us to train more Young People of Pankshin with him too as part of those to be trained. Thereafter, participants proceeded to the hill top and Pankshin Dam for sightseeing and the day came to an end with a social night and day 4 was the departure.

The AGR recorded 45 participants as delegates from five states of the north east and Plateau States of Nigeria with the exception of Maiduguri whose representatives were unavoidably absent.

Thank you all.

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Mary James, Admin Officer SELL Foundation

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