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The Catholic Diocese of Bauchi on Friday 22nd May, 2020 bids farewell to Fr Patrick Esekon, Director SELL Foundation Nigeria and Parish Priest, All Saints Parish Wuntin Dada. The Diocese organized a lunch event where the Bishop, priests, religious, lay faithful and the SELL Resource team gather to honor and bid him farewell as he proceeds on further studies.

Fr Patrick with some of his brother priests at the event

Fr Patrick Esekon a priest of the St Patrick’s Missionary Society (SPS) and native of Kenya has worked with the Catholic diocese of Bauchi for the past seven (7) years, where he served as the Executive Director of SELL Foundation Nigeria. The priest who was on mission to the diocese of Bauchi has dedicated his time and resources in serving the Diocese and SELL Foundation through building of synergy with the priests, laity, youths and various organizations within and outside the Diocese of Bauchi and the entire Ecclesiastical province of Jos. The priest who is known by many especially the SELL Family for his hard-work, innovation and sociability has mentored and provided leadership and spiritual direction and inspiration to many people, especially the young people across the North East and Plateau State.

Mrs Titi Yakubu SELL BOT chairperson presenting her gifts to Fr Patrick

Speaking at the event, Chairperson of the Board of Trustee (BOT) SELL Foundation Mrs. Titi Yakubu stated that Fr Patrick Esekon is a great leader and pastor who was able to combine pastoral and development work fittingly and effectively. She added that the Foundation is blessed to have him and his contributions have led to the tremendous growth of SELL foundation.

Mrs. Titi noted that his contributions to SELL Foundation have inspired a lot of changes which brought a significant difference in the lives of the beneficiaries of the foundation. She continued that SELL was like a baby, and the presence of Fr Patrick who helped to nurture the Foundation has made SELL to the giant that it is today. Mama Titi on behalf of the BOT members, SELL Resource Team and the SELL volunteers thanked Fr Patrick for his sacrifices to the Foundation and wished him well in his new place of assignment.  

Fr Patrick with some Religious after the event

Also speaking Mr. Christopher Imoikor stated that Fr Patrick is such a Godly, loving, caring and community oriented Priest. He described the priest as someone who has love for his parishioners, the widows, orphans and the vulnerable. He added that Fr Patrick has not only touched the lives of his parishioners but both Muslims and non Catholics. He has travelled round the villages to ensure health services are rendered to the villages and also ensure schools are built in those communities. 

Cross section of some delegates praying for Fr Patrick

Fr.  Gregory Zungdet, Chancellor of the Diocese described Fr Patrick Esekon as someone who has concern for the church and the wellbeing of the youths in the Diocese.

Fr Bitrus Lange Vicar Pastoral on his part thanked Fr Patrick Esekon on behalf of the priest of the Diocese for his friendship and services to the Catholic diocese of Bauchi and wished him well in his future endeavor.

 Most Rev Hillary Dachelem (CMF) the Catholic bishop of Bauchi Diocese said he admired the dignity and the way Fr Patrick handles things.  He added, as he goes on further studies this calls for future collaboration in the formation and empowerment of young people in the Diocese and Jos Ecclesiastical province. The Bishop and the entire diocese wish him all the best and prays for Gods continuous blessings and protection upon him.

Bishop Hilary given his blessings to Fr Patrick

On his part, Fr Patrick Esekon thanked the Bishop for entrusting him with responsibilities to serve the Diocese, and to his fellow priests for their friendship, support and encouragement, and to the entire faithful of Bauchi for accepting him as one of their own. He added, as the Diocese bid him farewell, he feels honored and sad at the same time that he is leaving behind family, friends and all those who have contributed to his life during the course of his stay in Bauchi. He thanked everyone who has made meaning in his life and request we all put him in our prayers as he does same. 


Written by Ms. Emily Ranna Yinala

Communications officer, SELL Foundation Nigeria

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