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SELL Resource team along with community voulteers on Monday 18th January, 2021 paid advocacy visits to the ministry of Women/Social Welfare, National Human Rights Commission and the District Head of Jimeta Alhaji Mohammed Inuwa Baba Paris in their respective offices in Yola, Adamawa State. The purpose of the visit was to intimate the leadership of the abovementioned of the ongoing SELL projects in the state and to also seek partnership towards promotion of peace, human rights and social justice within the communities in Adamawa State and Nigeria at large.

SELL team with Human Rights Commission staff during the advocacy visit

Human Rights Commission was the first point of call where the SELL team was received by the S/O and other staff of the commission. Mrs. Grace N. Manze Senior investigative officer (S/O) to the commission commended the Foundation for its effort towards creating awareness and making impacts in the lives of young adults in North east and Plateau state especially in the aspects of defending human rights, Child protection and prevention of Gender Based Violence. She added that the issue of human rights cannot be over-emphasised as the rights of many have been trampled upon; she called on the Foundation to keep up the work and assure the team of the willingness of the commission to partner with SELL towards the protection of human rights.

On his part, Alhaji Mohammed Mayos Director Ministry of women affairs and social welfare also applauded SELL Foundation for its good work in areas of peace building and other social services. He wasexcited with the visit, and he stated that prevention of gender based violence and child protection are the most pressing issues within the community. He added that the visit was timely as some members of the ministry just returned from a training on the thematic areas mentioned. He also affirmed the mistreatment of children, domestic violence and abuse of elderly persons within the community as some of the social vices that have continued to strain the capacity of the authorities and social services agencies. The Director elucidated that the department is already faced with lots of challenges, therefore it is good that SELL is helping to compliment government efforts in that regards through awareness and trainings.  He enjoined the team to always remain focus and keep up the good work as the ministry looks forward to partnering with them. 

Elon Elihu SELL volunteer from Yola presenting IEC materials to Mohammed Mayos, Director Ministry of Women/Social welfare department

Similarly, the team visited the Wakili/Mayor of Jimeta, Alhaji Mohammed Inuwa Baba Paris in his residence. Baba Paris who has always been supportive to the SELL programme welcomed the team and also raised concerns on the recent happenings within the community and the country at large. He said many young people have gone astray, many have engaged in wayward life-styles that include drugs abuse. Baba Paris tasked the team not to relent but to continue to raise awareness on areas they can so as to bring change to the community.  He also added that the happenings around the country is so disheartening, he called on everyone to turn to GOD/ALLAH and pray for he (God/Allah) has the ultimate solution.

Baba Paris, Wakili Jimeta with SELL team during the advocacy visits in his residence in Yola

Written by Emily Ranna Yinala

SELL Communications Officer


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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