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SELL trained fifty nine (59) young adults on Forgiveness and Reconciliation: In the quest to reach out to people through reconciliation process, SELL trained fifty nine (59) young adults (men and women) on Forgiveness and reconciliation.

This process is developed by Maji Peterx of Carefronting Nigeria for communities or individuals who may have experienced or witnessed mass atrocities which left them with bitter feelings of grudges, malice, hatred, hurt, anger and vengeance. The training is to help participants who are suffering from one pain or the other deal with their personal feelings, for forgiveness is the internal process where you can work through the hurt, gain understanding of what happened, rebuild a sense of safety and let go of grudges.

The trainings were in two phases, the English session took place on the 11th to 16th September, 2018 with 37 participants in attendance while the Hausa training took place on the 25th to 30th September, 2018 with twenty two (22) participants. Trainees cut across the six states in North east and Plateau State including Kontagora vicariate.  

SELL Foundation in Yola village for Tree planting:  In 2017, SELL Foundation implemented part of Laudato si project in Yola community along Jos road, Bauchi state with the support of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society. Yola community was carefully chosen because of the peculiar nature of their case. The community has never benefited from the National Energy grid and this can be confirmed with the glaring scene of lack of electrical connections (poles, wires and transformer) in the community. The project featured distribution of 150 Solar Lantern to 150 Household and Awareness Creation on the Negative effects of Deforestation. To bring the project to a completion, The Director and team were at Yola community on the 12th October, 2018 for the tree planting. In the course of our discussions with community representatives on the impact of the Project, it was discovered that the community has never benefited from any Government projects.

 According to the village head (Maigunduma), their only source of energy is wood which are sourced from fallen trees and sometimes young trees that provides them with shade are been uprooted without replanting.   Beji the SELL team leader made the people to understand the negative effects of deforestation and the importance of keeping trees. He also brought to their knowledge that calamities like earthquakes, Tsunamies and unseasonal heavy rains are happening because of deforestation. He ended by calling on the people of Yola community not to miss use this opportunity rather embrace it in order to enjoy its benefits. In line with sustainable development goals, SELL Foundation is calling on Government agencies and non Governmental Organization to support such kind of projects for a better future.

Our sincere  appreciation also  goes to St Patrick’s missionary society for their support in ensuring the success of the project and Yola community for enabling us have access to their environment.

Yola residents applaud SELL Foundation for Solar lighting: Yola community residence has commended the SELL Foundation and St Patrick’s Society for the projects carried out in their community (Solar distribution and tree planting).

According to Mrs. Lydia Luka, Solar has brought unity among the people of Yola community both Muslim, Christians and traditionalist; she pointed out how difficult it was for them to survive without energy and also affirmed how the coming of solar has changed their lives for the better.

Rev. Markus of ECWA church who was transferred barely one month also appreciated the Foundation for a job well done. He said despite the fact he was not present when the solar lights were distributed but he and his family have benefitted from the one his predecessor left behind. Meanwhile, he called on the Foundation and any likeminded organizations to extend similar support to other households and communities who are in need.

 In addition, Mrs. Rose Philibus thanked SELL Foundation for solar and the trees and she said “before we use to spend two hundred naira each day to go to Nabordo a neighboring village   in order to charge our phones, but since solar were distributed, the money for charging has been use for Maggi in the house.” She assured that the trees planted will be properly cared for and that the trees shall provide numerous benefits as well as improving air quality and providing safe place for their children and grandchildren.

SELL to partner Muslim Council and Local hunters on Community Peace Initiatives:  

In line with our vision and mission, three Resource Team members (Beji, Polok and Jiddere) paid a courtesy visit to the Muslim council in Adamawa State; the purpose of the advocacy is to look at possible areas of collaboration on how to foster community peace and development in Yola.

Alhaji Gambo M. Jika vice chairman 1 of the Muslim council, in his remarks thanked SELL Foundation for a job well done and for reaching out to young adults through capacity development.  He further said, ‘’ religious crisis is strange in our community and the country at large’’.  He added that young people who are expected to be agents of peace have been used by external forces to foment chaos and trouble in the community. He then assured SELL foundation of the readiness of the Muslim Council to partner with them in ensuring that   peace and development thrives in Yola and beyond.

Representative of Ja’amatu Izalla, Alhaji Hassan Abdullahi also said most of the religious tensions in our communities are caused by false and inciting teachings by some religious leaders. He added that the harsh economic situations in the country are also responsible for the breach of peace in the communities.

Abdullahi called on SELL foundation to incorporate members of different religions in SELL programme and to also empower young people and local communities with entrepreneurial skills to enable them fend for themselves.  

In addition, the commander of the Local hunters in Gombi Local Government of Adamawa State said, they have been involved in the fight against insurgency and enjoy no support from Government at any level. He added that the reintegration of the local hunters/civilian JTF into normal community life after the era of insurgency is a major concern to them and the society.   

Similarly, the advocacy visits were carried out to National Council of Muslim Youth Organization (NACOMYO) and Youth Wing Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) Numan chapter as well as the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN) Yola, Adamawa State.

Bishop Hammawa alongside the youth chaplain with Jalingo SELL volunteers

SELL Pays Advocacy Visit to Kuru Kona

  As part of the advocacy visits to the key stakeholders in Jalingo community, SELL also paid a courtesy visit to His Royal Highness Augustine Njenmang Vengkani the second class chief of Kona kingdom.

His Royal Highness welcomed the SELL team and expressed his sentiments of gratitude for the good work the Foundation is doing in reaching out to young people and vulnerable groups through transforming programme.

 He further said, for a community to progress the people most embrace peace and good conduct. He added that, young people of this generation who are expected to be agents of peace have been avoiding good moral that will bring positive changes in their lives and that of the community rather engage in what will bring division in the society.  

His Royal Highness ended by saying that the traditional council will continue to ensure that families bring up their children in such a way that they will be responsible members of the society.

Beji Jibe SELL team leader in turn appreciated His Royal Highness for the opportunity given to the SELL Team and promised further collaborations with the Kona Kingdom. The advocacy was led by the SELL facilitators in Jalingo.

Child safeguarding representatives (Maria Kidney and Rose Kioko) with Resource team during their visit o the Foundation


SELL received Maria Kidney and Rose Kioko child safeguarding Research Team and consultants for Misean Cara. The visit was timely given the fact that SELL is an active agent in implementing Misean Cara Strategic plan of 2017-2021 titled “Working Together to Transform Lives” which is a holistic approach towards human rights with children inclusive.

 This is about respecting human dignity and ensuring that children are given their rightful place in the society. We are privileged to be identified as one of the key Organization to be interviewed for this research project. We look forward to the outcome of the research and hope to continue working together in the future. Mun gode da zuwa!

Written by Emily Ranna Yinala

SELL communications desk.


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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