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My name is Pam Dung Kwis, a staff of Unity Radio FM Jos, Plateau State. I present a programme on Radio called Look-Out where we bring to the front burner stories and issues that affect community peace, individual Rights, Social Justice and Interpersonal relationships.

I encountered the beauty of the SELL programme in 2019 when I attended two trainings organized and facilitated by the foundation on Child Safeguarding and Protection and on Gender Reconciliation in Jos, Plateau State. It was at these trainings that my mind was opened further to see the vulnerability of the child and how our cultures and practices posed as danger to the proper upbringing of the Child. I was also exposed to see some gender discriminatory practices and stereotyping that abets Gender Based Violence in the Society. I left the venue of the training charged to do everything within my power to make meaningful contributions to the society using my platform (Unity 93.3 FM Jos) by highlighting and dedicating enough airtime to the issues of Child Protection, Gender Education and Peaceful living.

Since making the commitment, the station and Look-out on Radio in particular has set the agenda for discussions on Child Safeguarding/Protection and Gender Equity. This we are able to do by inviting Child Right Advocates, Gender Advocates and Peace Advocates as guests on our Show. We have also opened the studio lines for phone-in programmes where our listeners share their experiences and serve as whistle blowers by raising the alarm on cases of Child Abuse and Gender Based Violence in the community.

We have followed up some of the cases of violence against Children reported on the Radio Show and are still following up others. Luckily, some NGOs listen to our show and also indicate interest in some of the cases. In fact, the latest successful case was a court conviction on a suspected rape case where the culprit was sentence to 14 years imprisonment for raping a minor, despite attempts to frustrate the case and burry the evidences. Our interest as a media on the case and the involvement of other civil society organizations based in Jos ensured that the case got to this of conviction.

I remain committed to raising more awareness to the public and look forward to attending more training by SELL foundation. Pam Dung Kwis (Unity FM, Jos)


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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