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As part of our core mandate to promote ecology and care for the Earth, Sharing Education and Learning for Life Foundation embarked on tree planting campaigns in Miya Local Government area of Bauchi State and Bauchi State metropolis on the importance of planting and protecting the trees for the good of the environment.

Some delegates of the Civil Society Organizations during the tree planting

The project came as a need to combat climate change by planting of trees to reduce the effect of global warming on human, provision of fresh air and to preserve the environment. It is also a need to create awareness on the environmental problems facing humanity.

In the course of our discussion with the residents in Miya, some of them pointed out how difficult it has been for them to survive, especially in the wake of calls by heads of government, International organisations and other regional organisations to be environmentally friendly; that they too feel pity for the Earth, but do not have alternatives as their only source of energy is woods which are majorly sourced from fallen trees, cutting down of matured trees and sometimes, young trees that even provide them shades; or kerosene which is usually scarce and expensive.

Some delegates picking their trees after the campaign

Speaking at the event in Bauchi, Hajiaya Mairo Ahmad Alhasan pointed out that all her life and family have lived and survived through tree planting as source of their livelihoods. She added that tree planting has aid her and her children through education and other means of livelihoods which today she has no regrets over it.

Miss Nancy Bitrus also emphasized that most of the trees serve as medicinal; Nancy who is battling with diabetes reiterated how mango tree has helped to remedy her ailment. She encouraged the people at the event to embrace tree planting not just as a result of climate challenge but also as medicine to some diseases.

SELL Director assisting during the tree planting in Miya Village

On the other hand, Mr. Jinjiri Garba applauded SELL Foundation for the good work and also made a clarion call to all the Civil Society Organizations present at the event to imbibe same spirit so as to combat climate change.

The campaign /tree planting brought together some selected households, Civil Society Organization and SELL Volunteers in Bauchi and Miya Local Government.

Cross section of some households during the awareness campaign in Miya

Written by Miss Emily Ranna Yinala

Communications Officer, SELL Foundation Nigeria.


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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