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In a quest to reawaken the team for the task ahead after a two weeks holiday, the Resource Team had a three (3) day in-house capacity building where each of the team members had opportunity to present an input on topic assigned by the leader of the team.  The purpose of the in-house capacity building is to renew the strength of the team members and build capacity for the actualization of SELL organizational goals in year 2021.

SELL team after the presentation. From left, Charles, Henrietta, Adamu, Emily, Yohanna, Mary, Beji

Summary of the presentation:   Day 1

CONFIDENTIALITY AT WORK PLACE BY MISS MARY JAMES, According to her, confidentiality in the workplace comes with restriction around sharing of organizational data.  Custodian of official documents must be vetted, trained and given oath of secrecy. She added that any data related to the organization must be authorized by the designated person before publishing.  She tasked the team members to be confidential when it comes to official matters as well as handling affairs of the Foundation.

Mary James during her presentation on Confidentiality at work place

PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT BY JOHN JIDDERE, According to him, in personal management, there is always a need to identify source of income be it daily, weekly or monthly. He added that there is also a need for one to budget and plan for every expenditure for personal accountability .He concluded that a staff who manages and invest his/her finances well  and diversify his/her sources will  concentrate on their work without the pressure of meeting the financial demands of the family.     

John Jiddere presenting on Financial management and investment

Summary of presentation DAY 2

FAMILY AND WORK PLACE DEMANDS, BALANCING THE EQUATION BY Mrs. HENRIETTA IGAWE, Henrietta stated that balancing work and family life is one of the most common sources of stress for working adults in our productivity driven society.  She added that balancing family and work life occurs when one is able to sufficiently meet family commitments and adequately perform his or her responsibility at work.  

Henrietta Igawa presenting on balancing work and family life

REWARD OF HARD WORK BY Mr. YOHANNA MADAKI, According to him every hard work gets results and accomplishes something and every hard work comes with a benefit. He called on the team to keep up the good work as the reward of hard work is more work.

Yohanna Madaki presenting on reward of hardwork

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND EQUALITY BY EMILY YINALA, According to her, organizational diversity, equity and equality are the roots of every organizational development.  She said for every organization to become innovative and receptive to change, it most embrace the roots of organizational development.  She also added that globalization requires effective collaboration and communication among individuals of different race, ethnicity, and age and faith background in a working environment. She ended by saying when equity exists in an organization, everyone will be treated fairly on the basis of respect for the peculiarity of individual roles and responsibilities.

Emily Yinala presenting on Diversity, Equity and Equality in workspace

Summary of presentation Day 3

CAPACITY AND RELEVANCE OF INDIVIDUAL SKILSS BY CHARLES POLOK,  According to him, every organization has a pool of personnel who work as individual professionals and as a team to help the organization attain its goal. He added that SELL as an example has a team of skilled resource team members who use their individual skills to help the organization achieve its set goals.  He ended by calling on the team to deploy all relevant skills for the good of the foundation as well remain open to more learning and skills development for optimal productivity.

Charles Polok presenting on Relevance of individual skills

IMPORTANCE OF PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND INTEGRITY AND IT’S EFFECTS ON THE ORGANIZATION BY BEJI B. JIBE, Beji elucidated the importance of accountability and upholding integrity among the resource team members in their private and official capacities as the actions of each person impacts negatively or positively on the image of the foundation.  He explained that the actions of the team must always be in consonance with the values of the foundation and the individual values that each person stands for. He added that actions of individuals have a way of derailing the gains made by the foundation and everyone must be conscious of that.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SELL AND THE HOST COMMUNITY BY BEJI B. JIBE, Beji stated that engaging with an unfamiliar environment can make one feel foreign, however, bonding with cohort is also very important.   He said as SELL moves into a new place, he called on the team to develop relationships that can make SELL transition into a new environment a more positive and experience that can bring transformation to the community. He also made a clarion call to the team and volunteers around the community to strategize on the possible areas of reaching out to various stakeholders within the new environment with a view to establishing cordial relationship and understanding for community development.

Cross section of the team during the presentation

At the end of the in-house capacity building, the team encouraged one another to keep up the good work as we look forward to a better 2021.  THINK AND CHOOSE!

Written by Miss Emily Ranna Yinala

SELL Communications Officer


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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