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What a surprise with the trainees of SELL programme in Kontagora vicariate of Niger State, when we heard of the demise of Mr. Clement Zamani Mallam a supporting trainer of the Hausa version of the SELL programme Nigeria, what came to my mind was, “what would happen to the programme in that axis since the standing pillar of the programme is gone and that the trainees are just coming up?” I saw something which I taught it will not happened, the commitment, sacrifice and courage of the trainees in seeing that, the programme will not only be within the vicariate but be extended to the Diocese of Sokoto where and attempt was made by them to reach through the support of late Mr. Clement Mallam, the trainees came to training with full courage and willingness to continue form where Mr. Clement stopped. Because he is the only mentor assigned from the office to cover the activities of SELL in that axis. The trainees challenge themselves to work with the courage shared with them during one of the workshop mentored by late Mallam Clement. Jonathan sacrifices and came to be trained as a mentor to continue the work which late Mallam left. I saw quest for knowledge and commitment from trainees in the continuity of SELL programme in Kontagora axis.

The trainees where able to organized workshops and seminars for the people of the vicariate. The bold step taking by the trainees in seeing that, what Mr. Clement left grow well, and the commitment of the trainees there, the SELL programme is planning for facilitators training in that axis next year. This came up during the reading of the evaluations of the workshops done by the three trained facilitators from Bauchi. Kontagora stands to be a satellite area but with the demand and courage from the Jonathan, Bitrus and Yakubu there is need to train young men and women as facilitators. The three trained facilitators sometime do travel over night to make sure the make it for the training in Bauchi I feel that’s real commitment and zealous heart to contribute for the growth of the people of the vicariate. Some time the facilitators do organized and execute workshops with the little resources they have at hand and that’s photocopying of handouts for participants. I also see great sacrifices from on the part of the participants during some of the workshops their participation is in numbers to mention sometimes 80 and sometimes 90 and during the workshop the participants do contribute to see that there is food for them to eat. I believe if training will hold there, SELL programme will yield a great number of the change we are advocating.

father Patrick Esekon



  1. Yohanna Christopher 6 years ago November 22, 2016

    if the hausa training will take place in kwanta gora we will be happy to joined hand with them to advocate for good change in our country Nigeria And I thank sell for transforming my life style kudos to the sponsors of the program may God bless you.

  2. Yohanna Christopher 6 years ago November 22, 2016

    Comments*Iam happy to be one of Hausa sell mentor from the community of Tafawabale LGA of Bauchi state with the training I received iam known a change advocate in our community.

    • Shogs Consults 5 years ago February 13, 2018

      Thanks Yohanna


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