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First Quarter, 2019

Hello Readers, welcome to 2019
The beginning of every year for us in SELL Foundation is an avenue to reflect on the past and prepare for the tasks ahead. The office resumed its 2019 activities on the 8th of January, 2019. Upon resumption, the team has conducted series of activities in the first quarter which includes: team meeting, meeting with stakeholders, group life check in and workshops.
MEETINGS: Meetings in SELL Foundation are usually avenues where stakeholders and the Resource Team come together to review activities and share experiences where necessary. To this regard, the team held three (3) meetings in the first quarter of the year 2019.
Team Meeting: The year 2018 recorded lots of successes in SELL Foundation, and in order to track the challenges in the past year, the team had review meetings for the activities implemented in 2018 as well as strategize the way forward for 2019.
Meeting with SELL community Leaders: The meeting brought together leaders of SELL facilitators from the communities to discuss the ways forward in 2019 through sharing of experiences, successes, prospects and challenges from the past year. The meeting took place from 1st to 2nd February, 2019 at the Youth Formation Centre, Bauchi.
THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEETING: The board of trustee which is the decision making body in the Foundation met and reviewed the 2018 activities with focus on effectiveness and productivity in 2019. The meeting took place at the Fatima Pastoral Centre, Bauchi on the 29th January, 2019
GROUP LIFE CHECK IN: in order to strengthen the spirit of togetherness, the team held a group life check in to verify with one another on the areas of need. Mary James who facilitated the process appreciated the team for the spirit of oneness and also encouraged them to keep the spirit moving by making the SELL goal a priority. She noted that team work is key to the success of the foundation.
WORKSHOP WITH THE STAFF OF ST PAUL GURU ON CHILD PROTECTION: The workshop was conducted in an interactive manner in which the staff considers the challenges of building safe learning environment for children and also what is required to promote and keep the children safe. At the end of the workshop, the staff understood the problem of child abuse and their role as staff and parents in safeguarding rights of children under their care.


SELL programme is an Initiative of St. Patrick Missionary Society in West Africa district providing formative and transformative programme for young people and vulnerable groups to become agents of change in the Society.


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